The Tribe

the-tribe-posterMiroslav Slaboshpitsky’s The Tribe is one of the worst films I have watched all year. This film is an absolute chore to get through. The film’s repetitiveness becomes really agitating early on in the film. The Tribe never really finds a way to work the sign language into the film smoothly. The camera is rarely ever placed at a good angle for the audience to be able to see the characters communicate. There are many long takes throughout the course of the film. We usually only get to see the backs of the people communicating with each other. We rarely get to see the front of them. They are clearly communicating, but we have no idea what they are trying to get across. I never once connected with the characters. We know very little about them. I think the film would have been more effective if we did not hear their surroundings and instead just heard the constant silence they hear. There is nothing latch onto in this film. We do not get a sense of what they are dealing with. There is no point of not having subtitles when we never get to enter their world. The characters in this film never make a single sound. The deaf are known to make a grunt here or there when they are communicating with each other. It is one very vague scene followed by a very heavy-handed scene that explains it. To top it all off, the story is nothing you haven’t seen before. This repeats throughout. You never get a sense of the community that they are in and their relationships.

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