Welcome to Me

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.32.06 PMIf you thought The Voices handles mental illness bad… just wait until you see this. This feels like one of the last SNL skits of the night stretched out for ninety grueling minutes. Wiig is fine, but I absolutely hated her character. Her character suffers from mental illness. Everyone treats her like she is insane. Her character is one huge stereotype. The therapy sessions she has with Tim Robbins are terrible. The things that are discussed and her actions when she is in therapy are so degrading to people who are suffering from borderline personality disorder. It is presented in the most cartoonish way possible.

The film’s plot is incredibly asinine. Wiig wins the $86-million dollars in the state lottery and pays to have her own television program. Wiig’s character is obsessed with Oprah and desperately wants her show to be just like it. Her show is an absolute mess, much like the film itself. Another major problem the films suffers from is the comedy. It is just so vacuous. There is truly a large portion in this film that is devoted to Kristen Wiig neutering dogs on her program. The joke is never funny and stays for far too long like every other joke in this film. There are little subplots that are started that never have any conclusion to them. What ever happened to Thomas Mann’s (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) character? Wiig and him have an incredibly awkward scene together than involves her licking his stomach. It is so uncomfortable and not in the least bit humorous. This is one of the worst films to have come out of 2015.

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