Uncle Kent 2 [BAMCinemaFest Review]


Uncle Kent 2 is one of the biggest surprise of they year so far. I heard this was a whole separate beast from the first Uncle Kent, but I wasn’t expecting anything as fun as this. Uncle Kent was completely void of laughs and lacked originality. Having only watched Uncle Kent a little less than a week ago, I can hardly remember a thing.

For a film that is just above an hour, Uncle Kent 2 sure does drag a lot. There is way too much exposition in the beginning without even a single laugh. It definitely picks up in the second act, but there are still bits that are not funny in the slightest, which is a bit problematic for a film of this length.

There are always a few films every year that never seem find their audience. Uncle Kent 2 is definitely going to be one of them. I am really curious to find out who ends up distributing it. It’s near impossible to market a sequel to an unknown indie film. It feels like the kind of thing that Adult Swim would air. The incredibly meta comedy of the film fits right in with their outlandish programming. The surreal, absurdist approach that Rohal brings to Uncle Kent 2 is what makes this one of the most memorable films I have had the pleasure to watch this year so far, despite it not always working.

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