The Overnight


The Overnight was one of my most anticipated films coming out of Sundance this year. I’m really surprised by how many critics like this film. Another thing that I am even more surprised by is that they are calling this film daring, because that is one thing I found it not to be. Director Patrick Brice takes about one bold risk every 20 minutes and quickly goes back to having this really unfunny bore of a film. All of these attempts are not remotely shocking in the slightest, just cringeworthy. I love Jason Schwartzman in almost everything he is in. Bored to Death is one of my absolute favorite television series of all-time. His performance in Alex Ross Perry’s Listen Up Philip last year was one of my favorite performances of the year. I was sadly really disappointed by his performance in this. While I think a majority of my complaints just have to do with how horribly written his character is, I just found him to be incredibly obnoxious from start to finish. He really doesn’t pull of the front that his character is trying to present to Schilling and Scott’s characters. He fits the character we find out that he really is in the last 10 minutes, not the character we suffer through for the first 70 minutes of this scant film. Schilling is great here and I really cannot wait to see what other films she pops up in over the coming years. Scott, who is great in the upcoming Sleeping with Other People, was also quite obnoxious in this. The whole “penis gag” was not funny in the slightest, much like the rest of the film. Brice never drops the gag here. While I know it worked for some, I just found it to be incredibly raunchy humor that did not land for me in the slightest. Of the ensemble, the only actor I was not really familiar with was Judith Godrèche, who I had only seen in 2013’s Stoker prior to this, but I don’t remember her leaving much of a lasting impression on me. Her performance in this was alright, but her character is one of the most problematic elements of the film. What she does on the trip to the liquor store, for example, was just so cringeworthy. This just felt like it was there to shock the audience, but all that I was doing was rolling my eyes. Like many have mentioned, and I have even seen supporters of the film have this problem, the ending is downright terrible. While you can’t talk about it without spoiling everything, it is just one major cop out on Brice’s part.

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