Mia Madre

Nanni-Moretti-Mia-madre-1I had heard quite the lukewarm response coming out of Cannes about Moretti’s latest. While it is nothing particularly extraordinary, Mia Madre is worth your time, especially if you are a fan of John Turturro. While the film drags considerably until Turturro appears onscreen, his first scene quickly picks up the pace of the film. Mia Madre revolves around Margherita, a film director, whose mother is dying in the hospital. One of the two main narratives going on in the film is how Margherita balances shooting her latest film and being able to be there with her family as her mother lives out her final days. Moretti does not develop the relationship between Margherita and her mother, and their lengthy conversations are just incredibly stale. This is without a doubt the weaker of the two narratives but sadly consumes more time in the film. With that being said, the relationship between Margherita and her daughter is quite compelling. The two have wonderful chemistry with each other and bounce back and forth with such finesse. The real star of the show is far and away John Turturro, as expected. Turturro plays an actor, who comes to work on Margherita’s film. At first everything seems fine, but once the film begins to shoot, Turturro begins to make Margherita’s life a living hell. He can hardly remember a line and is also as narcissistic as you can get. Turturro’s actions on set begin to effect Margherita as she can hardly deal with the fact that her mother is coming close to the end, let alone dealing with an insufferable actor on set.

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