Ricki and the Flash

Ricki-Flash-PicturesAfter seeing the trailer to Ricki and the Flash a few months back, I had very little hope for this one. I figured I would check it out because many of the critics that I follow enjoyed it. Plus, Jonathan Demme directed one of my absolute favorite films. Demme knows how to shoot performances better than any director working today. While the music in this is not particularly great, watching Streep and Springfield perform throughout the course of the film ended up being the highlight of the film for me. The two have wonderful chemistry with each other. Demme shoots these scene in a way that makes you never want to take your eye off of the screen. As a whole, the rest of this is fine, but nothing comes close to being as great as the performance scenes were. The family drama is not particularly that interesting, despite the whole cast giving solid performances. The whole cast has wonderful chemistry with each other, not just the two actors as mentioned earlier. The chemistry between everyone elevates the scenes of conflict. Everyone bounces back and forth with such finesse. Ricki and the Flash is similar to Rachel Getting Married in a way. Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway both play incredibly different characters, but they are both outsiders to their families. Both characters were away from their families for a period of time, Streep’s being quite a bit longer than Hathaway’s, both films show how just one person can change the family dynamics completely. Diablo Cody’s script is far and away the most problematic element of Ricki and the Flash, but Demme’s direction, along with the cast, really elevate the material into something that is worth checking out.

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